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STOP Signs National “Preferred List” with Three Insurance Carriers

Not to be outdone by other exciting news at Service Team of Professionals, we are proud to announce our first NATIONAL INSURANCE PROGRAM.

In April, STOP penned a national agreement with Innovation Group, a third-party claims administrator. On this program, STOP franchisees have a paved road to qualify for work on NINE different vendor programs with TWO MAJOR INSURANCE brands and one growing “Top 50” brand.

This achievement was made NOT with discounted prices (which hurts franchisees the most) but on STOP’s long-standing reputation of quality and integrity. Our relationship with Innovation brings a win-win to these insurance companies and pays off again for the benefit of STOP franchisees!

STOP FRANCHISE TIP: The past CAN predict the future. Choose a STOP FRANCHISE based on a long-standing reputation on knowledge and support, not on the glitz of the sales material.

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STOP Lands 2-Year Contract with the University of New Mexico

Stop RestorationOn July 22nd, Service Team of Professionals (STOP) Kegan Stephans, landed a 2-year contract with the University of New Mexico (UNM) for all fire, water, and mold-related services. Kegan, STOP’s youngest franchisee, has been a member of STOP for just under 3 years and has already landed his second award of this contract. By following STOP’s marketing program, on-call consulting, and completing a series of smooth restoration jobs with UNM, Kegan successfully beat out three, large national brands, and two successful independent companies.

This is the type of marketing accomplishment that STOP is known for… and the type that creates wealthy restoration contractors. At STOP of Albuquerque, the job is always “Done Right the First Time!”

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STOP Albuquerque Cleans Flood Damage at the University of New Mexico

On August 2nd, Service Team of Professionals Albuquerque received a call that there was major flooding in downtown Albuquerque after a rain storm had passed through. They are the main contractor for the University of New Mexico and initially received the call to the Centennial Library where we found that 55 rooms were affected. STOP Albuquerque was able to immediately extract the water, clean up the debris, and begin the mitigation process.

Later that day, they received another call to the Electrical Engineering Building where we found that 77 rooms, including hallways and entryways, had been affected by the flooding. Again, they were able to extract the water, remove the carpet and debris from each room and begin the mitigation process. They also responded to calls at the New Art Building and Northrop Hall which had 6 affected rooms each.

In total, there were 41 buildings on the UNM campus that were affected by the flooding. Our STOP of Albuquerque team was able to respond immediately to mitigate the damage in the 181 affected rooms (including stairwells and hallways), with the damage in the two largest buildings, the Centennial Library and the Electrical Engineering Building, even extending three floors beneath each building. While water damage restoration continues on the UNM campus, Service Team of Professionals of Albuquerque has received nothing but great feedback and congratulations from the University Dean on our work and fast response. At Service Team of Professionals of Albuquerque, the job is always “Done Right The First Time!”

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Brian Clark Joins Early Ford V8 Foundation Board of Trustees

Brian Clark has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Early Ford V8 Foundation. This national organization has, as its goal, the preservation, care and feeding of early Ford vehicles from 1932 on through 1953.

Brian started his interest in cars at the ripe young age of 14 when he bought his first 1940 Ford Coupe at a car show in the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. Since then he has become known for his absolute “top to bottom” knowledge of early Fords. He has served as President of the San Diego Chapter of the Early Ford V8 Club. In addition, he is active in the Bloomington/Indianapolis Early Ford Club.

Brian is constantly selected to serve as a judge in competition car shows around the country. His knowledge of every bolt, flange, cover, seat, etc. is unmatched in the United States. In addition, Brian has his own collection of early Fords and restores them to mint condition.

We are pleased to congratulate Brian on this appointment to the National Early Ford V8 Club Board of Trustees. It certainly is a valuable asset to have Brian serve in this capacity. Nice going Brian. Keep it up. You are appreciated.