Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Water damage restoration is a commonly needed service. What is critical in dealing with water damage is the response time to the emergency. The home or business owner needs to recognize that immediate action is required.

The STOP Service Team of Professionals understands that a fast response lessens the damage and mitigates future cost.

The most typical type of water damage stems from broken or frozen pipes, overflows, and sewer back-ups. Our advanced equipment and processes assist with the drying process common situations where water damage restoration is needed.

STOP Service Team of Professional Water Damage Restoration Process

The STOP Service Team Professionals have been providing water damage restoration services for 25 years. We provide 24/7 Emergency Service and pride ourselves on having the industries best response rates. When you contact us we will require that you provide us

  1. Your Contact Information
  2. The Address of The Location That Has Damage
  3. Timeline of When Damage Occurred
  4. Information On How The Damage Occurred
  5. Information On Who Will Be Meeting Us
  6. Status of Power To Damaged Location
  7. Contact Information On Your Insurance Company

What To Expect When STOP Arrives at Jobsite

Immediately upon arriving at your home or business, the STOP Service Team Professional will inspect the water damage and provide you an assessment of the damage. Fast response is absolutely critical. Standing water and/or carpeting must be extracted. Carpeting might need to be removed and depending on saturation, drywall may need to be cut and removed from lower walls.

The water extraction phase will remove the majority of the water from your home or business property. Professional grade fans and dehumidifiers are used in specific quantities and methods to quickly and thoroughly dry the structure. Depending on how long certain materials were wet (drywall, paint, carpet, sub floor, framing, etc.), some water damage restoration will have to be performed to return the building to “pre-loss” condition. Our professionals can manage the entire job for a homeowner or business owner. Our goal is do it right… right down to placing the furniture back in the “right there” spot.

Inspection of Drying and Dehumidification Phase

After we have removed the majority of the water from the premises—we immediately engage in the inspection phase of our cleanup and restoration services. Determining the level of damage after the drying phase will help us determine what the next step will be. Walls that appear to be dry may still retain water and that water can lead to a degradation of the drywall and could lead to mold damage. Carpeting may need to be removed and depending on saturation, drywall may need to be cut and removed from lower walls.

These are the events and the skills that put professional water damage restoration contractors in high demand. It is estimated that there are ten water damage situations for each fire event in homes and commercial buildings. The STOP technical support staff and our management/marketing support continue to build the finest restoration companies across the country. We’re proud that STOP is unbeatable in the water damage restoration field.


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